Essay on love is, above all, an experimental film. A hybrid of fiction and documentary, it brings reality and fantasy to discuss that which is the most important thing for some, and the least important thing for others: Love.

Love is actually in every place and human activity we look at: art, business, advertising, sports, entertaining, religion, education, politics, etc. What is this that is so present in our lives? Do we ourselves know what we mean when we say “I love you” to another person? Everyone talks about it. Creates songs about it. Declares themselves to be loving human beings… What do they mean with all of this?

“Essay on love” gives you a different look on this subject. It shows how people relates themselves to the concept of love and how this concept influences their lives (if we can say it is only a concept). As a film, it is experimental in the sense that it is an attempt to approach this wonderful thing that love is through cinema.

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Nekyia comes from the greek (ἡ νέκυια) and it means “the ritual to invoke the dead to know about the future”, but here it’s a film production company. Created in 2014 with the objective to be the house and launching platform to the film “Essay on love”, we are an independent film company that loves cinema and just want to create and develop the projects we love.


We are based in São Paulo, Brazil and we are always available to every good soul that wants to know more…

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